Cambridge International Media Student’s TV Drama Reviews Pt2

Gangs of London 

Gangs of London is  Gareth Evans’ debut TV drama-thriller series made for a Sky Atlantic. Evans is better known for his work in film, such as The Raid 1 2 and 3 (2011,2014,2020), Killers (2014) and more. The Producer of Gangs of London was Hugh Warren- a nominee for British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series. Sound designer was Kenneth C. M. Young. The Gangs of London costume designer was Sandy Powell (Marry Poppins Returns -2018), the costumes she used in Gangs of London perfectly fit the characters and establish hierarchies in the show. The Cinematographers for Gangs of London were Matt Flannery and Gareth Evans. 

 Gangs of London stars Joe Cole (Sean Wallace-  John Selby in Peaky Blinders) who plays a young man set to take after his dad and be in charge of the family and the business. Lucian Msamati (Ed Dumani) Businessman. Sope Dirisu (Elliot Finch) plays an undercover policeman. Michelle Fairley (Marian Wallace, Game of Thrones) plays the jealous mother of the Wallace family. Paapa Essidu (Alexander Dumani, Murder on the Orient Express)  plays the son of Ed Dumani, Sean’s best friend. Brian Vernel (Billy Wallace) plays the other Wallace son and is seen as a disappointment due to drug addiction. Pippa Bennet-Warner (Shannon Dumani)  plays the daughter of the Dumani family and is a mother.

Gangs of London uses a creative and wide range of camera angles and movement right from the opening scene. The scene opens with a shot of the city of London upside down as seen from the perspective of a man dangling from his feet and begging for his life looking up at Sean Wallace this creates an enigma. Next to Sean’s feet we see a can full of petrol or lighter fluid of some sort and he pours all of it on to the dangling man. He then grabs a pack of matches and lights the rope on fire and watches him burn alive and fall to his death. As Sean lights the match we start to hear this music building up the tension of what’s about to happen. The opening of this scene makes you feel instantly uncomfortable yet gripped. – Opening scene

The editing, mise-en-scene, sound and cinematography is all amazing and really engages you with the show. They are very creative in the way they make it. The mise-en-scene helps to reflect the background of the characters, how they were brought up and where they live. At the beginning, the audience know so little about the characters really but the mise-en-scene makes the viewer feel like they know them a lot more. The editing is exhilarating and fast paced, making the viewer feel on edge and trying to keep your attention. The sound is always well fitted to what’s happening; if something intense is going to happen they use quiet, suspenseful music then build it up gradually.  Gangs of London is by far one of the best TV dramas I have watched and to top it off, also the most violent and gruesome TV drama I have ever watched.

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