Life After Film Studies at RIC – Young Film Maker Sam Shepherd

Sam was a 1-year GCSE Film Studies student at RIC during 2018-19.

I was infinitely proud after opening an email from him almost a year after he finished his GCSEs with us. Sam told me about his new film project and explained, ‘The film is supposed to show a cycle of the ‘rat race’, that’s why my shots are similar.’ He included a link to his final production, which follows the life of a businessman and his routine. You can view the film here: I’d recommend subscribing to this channel: Sam is definitely a young filmmaker to watch!

Sam also produced almost all of the music. Personally, I thought the use of sound in this film was very effective and certainly Lynchian. It turns out that Sam’s biggest inspiration for this film was, in fact, David Lynch’s Eraserhead, in terms of visual style and sound design

Sam explained that since his time at RIC, ‘You practically opened up my eyes to what film could be and I’m now pursuing it seriously… I feel like I’ve grown an actual personal taste or at least more interesting taste. My favourite film right now is Eraserhead. I also like La Dolce Vita a lot.’

Sam also outlined his study plans for the future and we were able to give him advice about his university options in Film Studies.  

A little bit later I was made aware of this gem Sam’s second short film ‘Stories’.

This is what Sam had to say about the film:

‘This film details my nomadic upbringing as a third culture kid portrayed by my family members.  I wanted to show the idea of travelling with items that are put on display around my house and are rarely touched or moved. This is also my first attempt at animation. My big inspirations for the film were Jonas Mekas and Hollis Frampton for the style of narration over pretty imagery. I also took inspiration from the Psychic TV music video, Godstar, because of its editing style of having an image within an image. This has been my most personal venture yet. It also feels the most sincere work I’ve done and I think I represent myself in it truthfully whether that be style or my story.’

Films Sam recommends:

The Face of Another

Daisies 1966

 Butterfly Dress Pledge (1974)

Chelsea Hotel (1970)


Marketa Lazarová (1967)

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