Yr 11 Film Studies Student’s Favourite Films pt 3

My favourite film is Catch  Me if You Can (2002) watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KikaTpBn2GM

The director of this 2002 comedy-action film was the award-winning Steven Speilberg. Other films he is known for include E.T, Jaws, and Jurassic Park.

Catch Me If You Can is a 2002 action and comedy film. It follows the true story of an incredibly smart 18 year old boy named Frank Abignale. Frank lives a life of luxury, being able to do so by using forgery. This does not go unnoticed, as Detective Carl Hanratty follows Frank throughout the country, following the forced paper trail in an attempt to catch young Mr Abagnale. 

While we follow Frank along his adventures, and understand he is just a child, con man Frank is not the protagonist, as the FBI agent Hanratty is the voice of reason and justice.

The stars in this film include Leonardo Dicaprio (Frank Abignale) and he had previously starred in the world famous film ‘Titanic’. Alongside him, as the work-driven detective, was Tom Hanks (Carl Hanratty). Tom Hanks is best known for Forrest Gump and Castaway, although he has been in many films and TV series. Both of these actors are very skilled, and truly brought the story of Frank Abagnale to life on our screens.

The sound director was John Williams, who had collaborated with Spielberg before, and he helped to create the perfect atmosphere for this hilarious nail-biter that is based on a true story.

The woman behind the skillful range of looks and disguises main character Frank Abignale (Leonardo DiCaprio) wear is Mary Zophres. She managed to create these looks in a way which convinces both the audience and the characters of Franks alter egos. The cinematographer was Janusz Kaminski, who displayed the emotions and actions subtly and cleverly. 

The use of mise-en-scene is well thought out, not only establishing the 60s setting but showing the many lives of Frank Abagnale Jr. The mise-en-scene captures the life Frank wants to live, while still reminding him that it is all a lie. The editing and sound help to create tension, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats, eager to know how this daredevil match between the con man and the FBI will end. 

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