Year 11 Film Studies Student’s Favourite Films pt2

Coraline – This film has a Tim Burton esque feel to it, the dull, gothic aesthetic reflects his artwork and stories. This is because director Henry Selick helped direct and produce one of Tim Burton’s most iconic films, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.’ However, Coraline is much more twisted and the world she lives in is almost nightmarish. Bruno Coulais created a soundtrack to perfectly match the haunting animation and visual masterpiece the film is, the sound further boosts the tension, the ghostly choir and whispers used in the opening theme are incredibly effective, making one feel shivers down their spine. The costumes the characters wear in Coraline’s reality are nothing unusual, the only thing that sticks out is her yellow raincoat. It becomes a staple throughout the film, just like Georgie’s did in ‘It’. Though the films seem different they seem to follow the same theme, while Pennywise terrorises children with their fears, Coraline’s ‘Other Mother’ or The Beldam lures children in with treats and a perfect life only to take their souls in return.

 The concept itself is dark, but the button eyes which make every character look so dead behind the eyes are far more unnerving. Pete Kozachik, the cinematographer, also worked in ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and the ‘Corpse Bride’, all films feature eerie and odd shots. But ‘Coraline’ doesn’t follow the same colour scheme, Burton keeps his animations lighthearted with greens and oranges which almost make the film seem more comedic. ‘Coraline’ has a bleak tone throughout, the lighting is almost always dark and foggy and it possibly represents the blur between Coraline’s reality and her nightmares/dreams. 

Watch the trailer here

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