GCSE Film Studies Screenplay ‘The Girl Who Flew Too Close To The Sun’

For GCSE film studies coursework this year, all of our students decided to create the openings of original screenplay (filmmaking is also an option).

First, the students choose a genre: sci-fi, horror, musical, crime or teen and research the genre by watching key films from their chosen genre in their own time and analysing extracts.

Students then pitch their own original idea, which must be inspired by 3 key films.

Students learn the conventions of screenwriting in lessons- this part can be tricky to start with but then it becomes like riding a bike.

Week by week students submit 250 words of their screenplay which are edited with suggestions and the result is a 1000 word original screenplay opening, which effectively sets up the narrative, introduces key characters and reflects the conventions of their chosen genre.

This particular screenplay opening was written by Hattie Drury, a very talented year 11 student, she was inspired by CANDY JAR (2018), THE BREAKFAST CLUB (1985) and SIXTEEN CANDLES (1984).

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